The Capo Gallo Reserve

Capo Gallo rises out of a clear sea between Sferracavallo and Mondello and is a particular natural habitat.
Between the extreme end of Capo Gallo and Punta Barcarello, the Capo Gallo Marine Reserve  stretches from the slopes of the mountain to the place which the locals call ”Malu Passu”  an old path which is blocked  by organic matter from the mountain.
It is the symbolic division between Mondello and Sferracavallo. At the end of the Barcarello promenade following a little path just above the coastline you come to “Fossa del Gallo” a place which could be called, without exaggeration, paradise - sea and mountains, uncontaminated nature, turquoise and cobalt blue which swallow up the grey shadows and hold  mystery.  
The uncontaminated eco-system, one of the most interesting in the region, is state controlled and has been denominated an Orientated Natural Reserve.  
As soon as you get through the gate at the beginning of the itinerary, the first visual impact is formed by the sight of the “faraglioni” ( huge rocks jutting out of the water)  very near the coast below.
If you look up you can see a rock face with  Mediterranean shrub vegetation. The observer is in the centre of a marvellous natural paradise; as you descend you can admire the rocky coastline modelled by the waves of a sea which is speckled with “faraglioni” and which changes colour from green to limpid transparent blue.
It is inhabited by many varieties of fish some of the most interesting in the region.  
In the evening , carried by the currents , the jelly fish take off their robes as enemies and become floating fluorescent queens of the sea.
On the north slope lush rock flora can be seen including mastic, euphorbia, miniature palms and myrtle. 
At the end of the walk is the stupendous “Grotta dell’Olio” a sea cave  with constantly dripping walls.
Along the coast the elements have formed numerous  Karstic cavities, recesses and caves  which are interesting to speleologists of which the “Grotta dell’Olio” is the most important. This wonder of nature is not in any way less important than the more famous ones of Ustica and Capri.
The crystal clear sea  takes on an emerald green colour illuminated by the rays of sun which filter through an opening in the top of the cave which the bravest can use to dive spectacularly into the water.
A boat trip on a fishing boat, canoe or rowing boat, gives you a closer and more detailed view of the coast.

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