The place

The ancient and suggestive fishing village of Sferracavallo is situated at the foot of the Capo Gallo promontory on one side and Monte Billiemi on the other. It is on the northern edge of Palermo near Mondello. 
The main attractions in this village area are afforded by nature in its infinite splendour. The crystal clear sea attracts many bathers who can take advantage of three equipped lidos and two free beaches. 

A large part of the territory of Sferracavallo is included in the marine reserve of Capo Gallo which represents one of the most interesting and uncontaminated eco-systems of the region.
The village has a little main harbour and another smaller  one which extends from the reserve at Capo Gallo to the Memorial to the Fishermen to the east of the village which is used principally for tourism.
Sferracallo is famous for its fresh fish which you can taste in the numerous restaurants and taverns along the sea shore.
The starters are famous and fixed price meals are available.

Amongst the most typical places is the “friggitoria” where you can buy all sorts of fried local delicacies  like “panelle”, (knowledgably prepared by  the “panellaro” with chick pea flour), crocché (made from a potato mixture), “arancine” and cauliflower in batter (broccoletti alla pastedda), caponata and panini con milza  bread rolls with spleen).

Very widely known  are the cakes and ice-creams of various flavours and  the bread shops  with fresh bread and “sfincione”.
Sferracavallo also has great respect for old rituals especially in the festival of the patron saints Cosma and Damiano which is celebrated on the last Sunday in September.

The Capo Gallo Reserve

Hiking paths

The celebration for Saints Cosma and Damiano

VITA D’A-MARE (Lovely life by the sea)