The “Cannolo” is a particular Sicilian delicacy which is exported all over the world.  
Not many people haven’t already tried it  and don’t know what they missed out on!  
Each place has a variant  slightly different from the others for this extraordinary sweet but all are delicious.  
The cannolo consists of  a cylindrical crunchy biscuit  made with flour , lard, sugar, almond  
oil, egg-white, marsala wine , a teaspoon of coffee powder  and one of unsweetened cocoa, a pinch of salt and a drop of white vinegar).  
And the filling is made of a ricotta cheese cream that can  include candied fruit or plain chocolate.

Oven cooked pasta

The Arancine

La cassata

Panelle and crocchè

Pasta con le sarde

Sicilian Sardine Rolls (sarde a beccafico)

Lo sfincione