Lo sfincione

This typical dish from the province of Palermo is the Sicilian equivalent of the Neapolitan pizza. It is said that it was invented by the nuns from the Saint Vito convent in Palermo .  
Actually , it is of Arab origin but the name given to it is Sicilian as “sfincia” means something soft. This bakers’ delight  was introduced in the Christmas period   
and  although it was considered  a “poor” dish  it was made to substitute  the usual bread  with something more colourful for the period. There are many variations on the original, especially at Agrigento and Mussomeli.  
In Palermo, the simple basic ingredients, (tomato sauce and dried breadcrumbs)  have been  
enhanced  by variations like anchovies and a little grated caciocavallo cheese, which give it a richer and  more inviting taste and aspect.  
However , next to these richer recipes, it is still possible to find the simpler ones to please all tastes.  
It’s really common to see tidy, inviting  lines of “Sfincione” on the street vendors  wagons which you can find on street corners  and the characteristic villages around  
Palermo , like Sferracavallo,  or on the slabs in the bread shops. “Sfincione” freshly baked and still warm from the oven is a joy to the palate!!!

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