Sicilian Sardine Rolls (sarde a beccafico)

Another simple but tasty Sicilian, and in particular Palermitan,  dish is “Sarde a  beccafico”. This recipe once again like many Sicilian recipes, uses sardines which are considered poor but genuine  and complete.
The fish are cleaned and de-boned  and then opened up and filled with breadcrumbs, pine-nuts, currants, sugar and lemon juice then cooked in the oven. Once they are cooked they take on the form of a particular sort of bird, “u beccafico”.
It’s possible to eat this dish in any tavern or restaurant along  the coast and in particular at Sferracavallo, where it is often served  with other inviting  starters made of fish  which will tickle your appetite…

Oven cooked pasta

The Arancine


La cassata

Panelle and crocchè

Pasta con le sarde

Lo sfincione