Panelle and crocchè

“Panelle” are thin rectangular strips (about 4x8 cms) of a paste made by mixing together chick-pea flour, water, salt and finely chopped parsley  and then  frying them  in deep oil.
A must for people visiting the area -  they are only made in the Palermo area and they are often eaten with potato croquettes. 
This simple but nourishing meal is probably the most typical and popular  in Palermo’s traditional gastronomy.
Every Palermo citizen, 
young or old, has tasted these at least once –  students, shop owners, office workers, manual workers, craftsmen  - at break time the panelle is recognised by everyone a crispy delight.
The “crocché”, potato croquettes which accompany them  are a kind of “supplì” made by mashing boiled potatoes and adding garlic, a little parmesan cheese, parsley, salt and pepper.
Then little oval shaped 
croquettes of this mixture are fried  in hot seed oil.
Tourists, it doesn’t matter where you come from, don’t waste this opportunity to try them!

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