Oven cooked pasta

(oven cooked pasta in the shape of little rings)
The “anelletti” , pasta rings are a typical shape of Sicilian pasta.
This rich dish of pasta cooked in the oven, known as “timballo di anelletti” is part of the Palermitan gastronomic tradition which , as often happens , is  linked to its history.
The first “timballi”, originating in Palermo, were invented during the Arab domination in the IX century, and then they  were diffused , in different forms, all over the island.
The fact that they are easily transported is fundamental for the Sicilians.
Actually, you can often see people on picnics taking a “timballo di anelletti” out of their hampers to eat it out of doors.
It is a complete meal in itself where in the many different versions, you can find the ingredients which would usually make up a complete Italian meal; pasta, meat and a vegetable side dish.
The main ingredients are meat sauce and peas, however, they vary with the season to include for example, aubergines, hard-boiled eggs, cubes of salami or ham among others.
The choice is often decided by the tradition of the place they are made.  
This triumphal dish, used for special days, contains three basic principles of Sicilian pasta dishes which are sauce, aroma and taste.

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